What Party best fits you?

Here is a website asking you a series of questions about your opinion.  Answer them and see what party fits your mindset.



23 Responses to “What Party best fits you?”

  1. overall my political values are closest to those of an independent

  2. Im closest to an average republican

  3. my political views are closest to a moderate republican

  4. Mine is Average Republican.

  5. I am mostly near average republican

  6. Taylor Jimenez Says:

    My overall political values are those of a moderate republican

  7. My overall views are closest to a moderate republican

  8. Desi Morales Says:

    Liberal Democrat

  9. Maddie D. Says:

    Average Democrat

  10. Near an Average Republican.

  11. moderate republican,

    Caroline Van Matre

  12. I am a moderate republican

  13. John Abendroth Says:

    I am a conservative republican

  14. Hanna Wheeler Says:

    I am a moderate democrat

  15. Moderate Democrat I am mad

  16. i am a average republican

  17. I am tea party republican.

  18. Riley Turner Says:

    i am an average republican and I am for romney

  19. I am closet to the Average Republican.

  20. Claire Arnold Says:

    I am conservative republican — almost very conservative.

  21. hi this is madisyn i am conservative republican

  22. mine says i am very conservative republican

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