Presidential Debate

With the Presidential debate fast approaching, why don’t you sit down and ask yourselves and/or your parents these questions on this site and see what you come up with.  It will make for good discussion in class.


17 Responses to “Presidential Debate”

  1. my candidate was Mitt Romney

  2. My candidate was also Mitt romney

  3. My candidate for president was Mitt Romney

  4. Mt. Romney 87% Obama 13%

  5. My candidate is Mitt Romney.

  6. AMELIA :) Says:

    My candidate for president is Mitt Romney

  7. My candidate is Mitt Romney

  8. Maddie D. Says:

    Mitt Romney

  9. Mitt Romney 78% to 22%

  10. i am mitt romney

  11. Hanna Wheeler Says:

    My candidate is Mitt Romney

  12. Claire Arnold Says:

    My Candidate is Mitt Romney (96%)

  13. Mitt Romney is my candidate.

  14. John Abendroth Says:

    My candidate is 74% Mitt Romney, 26% Barack Obama

  15. Desi Morales Says:

    I was 50% Obama and 50% Romney

  16. i was 92% romney and 8% OBAMA, haha

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