Mr. Weinrich’s 2012-2013 Class

Welcome back to school.  If you are reading this, great!  If you are not reading this then….?

I have attached our class roster on this post.  So, if you have yet to hear, call, talk, chat, etc. others in your grade, you can now determine who is in your home room.

Some things have changed.  If you wish to get your locker assignment on Tuesday, August 21st, you may.  I will be here all day.  Sign ups will be in my classroom on the SIDE board next to the love seat/couch in my classroom.  Just write your name on the paper posted for the locker number you have taken (both top and bottom) and you may begin getting your locker ready for school.  PLEASE LOCK YOUR LOCKER with a lock.  Don’t put things in your locker and leave it unlocked over night.  Strange things happen to things left unlocked on campus!!!!

Also, there is an assignment for you to do have completed and ready to turn in for your first day of school on Thursday, August 23rd at 8:30am.  Please note all assignments are considered late if they are not done by 8:30am.  So, don’t come to school with an incomplete assignment on the first day.  You can find this assignment under the tab 7th grade History to the right of this blog.  Under Tuesday, August 21st there is link to an assignment I would like you to print out and complete.  You can complete it at home on your computer and print it out Thursday in class or come to class with it printed out.  If you still have trouble, communicate to me and we will figure this out.

Any questions please let me know.  God’s Blessings on your final days of vacation!

Mr. Weinrich

7th – Weinrich….This is the link for the class list!!!!


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