7th Grade Explorer’s Test #1

We covered Erik the Red, Leif Ericson, Ferdinand Magellan, Amerigo Vespucci, Giovanni Verrazzano, Marco Polo, and Christopher Columbus









Here are some things to study:

Know Columbus’ 4 voyages and what he was in search of on them.

Know what occured on each voyage.  Both good and bad.

Know Columbus’s history and reasoning for wanting to explore West

Explain Marco Polo’s lengthy journey.  Who did he go with?  Who blessed them?  Where did they go?  What did he learn there?  What impressed him (detail something that was impressive to him).

What happened to Marco when he returned?

How did his information get out to the public?

Who was Eric the Red?  What did he discover?  Know what Viking ships are and what they are called.  Who is his son?  What did his son do?  What did his son bring back to his mother and others?

Know the story of Leif Ericson.  What is Vinland?  Who has been there?  What happened to others?  Know the reason for Leif’s nicknames.

Know Magellan’s story.  His ships, their names, his friend to pitch the expedition.  Who went on the trip?  Who made it home?  What does circumnavigate mean?

Vespucci, what is his claim to fame?  Who gave him that fame?

Verrazzano, what is his claim to fame?


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