Civil War Game for 8th grade only!

Its that time of year again!  We are playing for the coveted Free Test.  Some of the rules and guidelines that must be followed:

1)The attacker must always roll first

2)As the attacker, you may not roll more than three dice.  You must have at least 2 armies on a state to attack.  As an attacker, the number of armies MUST out number the number of dice you roll.

3)All ties go to the defender.

4) The defender may only roll up to 2 dice, but never more than the amount of armies they have on that state.

5) Any dropped dice is considered a roll.

6) If you roll too may dice, the lowest number will be used as your roll.

Ways to get Bonus Armies:

Survive the round: 3 armies

Everyone is present: 3 armies

Occupy 3 states: 1 army

4 states: 2 armies

5 states: 3 armies

6 states: 4 armies

7 states: 5 armies

8 states: 6 armies

9 states: 7 armies

10 + states: 10 armies

Most Armies(Total): 6 armies

Most states occupied: 3 armies

Secret State:           5 armies

Eliminate another team: 10 armies

100% on a test: 5 armies


3 Responses to “Civil War Game for 8th grade only!”

  1. whats a secret state

  2. mr w…. for the hundred on a test is it like if all three members of a group get a hundred on a test then is it 15 armies or is it the highest average of all the groups get a hundred

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