Voting-Gettysburg Address

I will put up the polls later today, Saturday.  I apologize, I left the paper with the names on it in my classroom. Thank you for your patience.


4 Responses to “Voting-Gettysburg Address”

  1. TROUBLE11 Says:

    Hey Mr. W

    I can’t find the poll I found a grey box on my page but I don’t know if a that is it. But, I think Caitlynn. The way she presented it was very well done and interesting

  2. Mr. Weinrich!

    I thought that Caitlyn did a great job on the Gettysberg Address. She presented it very well!!!! I thought that everyone did a great job!!!!

    ~Jessica Salottolo

  3. Ddaphadill Sparkle Says:

    I don’t see where to vote either, but I think everyone did great. I remember Ashlee’s the most though. I liked the pictures and the music. It was umm…I think the best word would be peaceful…..but anyway it was good.

  4. CUBS #1 FAN 4 EVER Says:

    I cant find the poll either but i thought taylor k was the best in my mind for the project.

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