7th grade Christopher Columbus Assignment

Christopher Columbus Worksheet



1.     When and where did Columbus set sail from on his first Voyage?



2.  What were the names of his three ships?


3.  When did Columbus hit land fall? 


4.   What ship and captain deserted Columbus and the other ships in search for gold? 



5.  What ship was grounded and not able to float?


6.  When did Columbus arrive back at his home port of  Palos in Spain?


7.  When did Columbus leave on his second voyage?


8.  What was the purpose of this second voyage?


9.  What happened to Navidad upon Columbus’ return?


10.  As the Viceroy or Colonial Governor, was Columbus liked by the colonists? 


11.  What was the original mission of Columbus and his three ships on the third voyage? 


12.   How many ships were with Columbus on his third voyage? 


13.   Did Columbus sail to the South American Continent? 


14.  How was Columbus’ health during his third voyage? 


15.  What happened to Columbus in October of 1500? 


16.   How many men and ships were on Columbus’ fourth voyage?


17.  In your opinion, was Columbus’ fourth voyage a success, why or why not? 


18.  Where is Christopher Columbus’ final resting place?  


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