Dear Parents,

We tested the headphones with attached microphones this summer prior to putting them on class supply lists.  We tried both the standard jack (like an ipod uses) and a USB connector on some different projects to ensure both would work. Unfortunately in our trials we neglected to turn off the microphone that is present on the Mac Book themselves.  The headphones work fine with either plug in but the attached microphones seem to only work with a USB plug in. 
The reason we originally requested headphones with microphones were two fold. The need for headphones was to allow students to work with audio on projects (like Garage Band, Itunes, etc) without creating major classroom distraction by having multiple students playing audio through their laptop speakers. As we looked at the pricing of these headphones some thought was given to also requesting headsets with microphones attached to assist students in adding voice overs within the classroom and reduce the ambient noise that is part of every classroom environment. 
I am sorry for this mistake and have a couple of options that I hope will help alleviate this issue. The first is to leave everything as is. The headphones matter a lot more within the classroom environment than having a microphone. In terms of any projects that your student might participate in, no reduction in grading would have been given, nor will now, regarding the sound quality of their work. We also have an adaptor that our students can use that will render the mike live on their headsets. We will make that available on an as needed basis. Of course, if you would like you can return the headset you purchased and get another with a USB connector. 
Please contact me at: tsurridge@salemorange.com, if I can assist you further. This was my error. Somewhat fortunately, this doesn’t cause any major learning issues but I am aware that many of you carefully selected your headsets based upon our recommendation and for that I apologize.
In His Name,
Tim Surridge 

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