Super Bowl Sunday

What commercial was the best during the Super Bowl?  Why?


33 Responses to “Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. I liked the diet pepsi max commercial because i liked the little lizards dance to thriller and the lizard that had grillz. Im glad giants won. SEE YA!

  2. I think the best super bowl commercial was the Brigestone one. Ya’know the one one with the squirrel in the middle of the road. It was hilarius when the squirrel like started screaming in the road when the car came . (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    P.S I thought it was soooooo cute when Peyton Manning came to watch his little brother (Eli) play (Awwwwwwwww, Ah-dorable)! 🙂

  3. The budwiser with the horse how he was not picked to pull a cart. Then he started to workout with a dolmation while playing the rocky theme song. I liked it because it shows that everyone can do anything if the put there head to it.

  4. Riley Boulger Says:

    i thought my favorite comercial was a tie between the diet pepsi max comercial with the night at the roxbury reference, and the e trade comercial with the baby that threw up all over himself (the thirty year old baby).

  5. spartan117 Says:

    My favorite commercials were the bud light ones. My favorite of those was the one that said bud light gives you the ability to breathe fire and the cat comes and the guy torches everything in his dates house cause he is allergic to cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hayden O'Leary Says:

    My favorite comercial is the Life Water one. It was funny. She was dancing with the lizards. One of them farted i was laughing so hard. I so dissipointed in the Patriots though because thats my team. I hate to say it but Tom Brady played horrible!!!! Ah well mabey next year. 😦

  7. hannah tardie Says:

    ok, i actually watched most of the football game. i was really shocked! and im glad the patriots lost! but i really like the pepsi commercial where everyone was singing, “what is love? (baby dont hurt me)” it was really funny. I also liked the commercial advertising life water when the lizards started dancing to michael jackson’s “thriller” that was pretty entertaining. the last one was extremely funny but super random. i start watching the game again and all of a sudden during a commercial (this is on the tv, not in real life fyi) this shirtless overweight dude puts jumper cables on him self and when he drinks the AMP (thats what the commercial was for) energy drink, (theres speakers in the background, and they’re oddly atached to his car) music starts playing and he dances. it was really weird and random, but thats why it stood out and was funny!! 🙂

  8. My favorite commercial was the sobe life water commercial. The lizards were so funny!!!:)

  9. Christopher Says:

    I had a lot of favorites and I think it was a three way tie. One of them was a commercial for Diet Pepsi max and the people sing “What is Love”. The second one was the one with the life water advertisement and the lizards were dancing to the song “Thriller”. That was so funny especially when one lizard ate the fly and the other one farted fire out. The last one was the commercial with the squirrel that screams because he is about to be hit by a car. It was funny how all the animals were screaming and the lady, but especially the squirrel. This year had funny commercials.
    P.S. I also liked the Justin Timberlake one.

  10. My favorite commercial was the Doritos… when this one guy put out a mouse trap, sat down on a chair and started eating doritos and then a huge rat attacks him. My other favorite commercials was the baby commercial where he threw up and the one with the clown.. it was funny 🙂

  11. I dont remember what it was called but i liked the one that had those 2 parents driving and there was a squirl in da road and the girl screamed and then th squirl screamed and then it shows all these other animals screaming and then the squirl moves and the car goes by and then the commercial was over…dont remember wat it was…but it waz funny…

    P.S. Yes! Yes! Yes! Go Giants! Go Giants! Woooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In yo faces Patriots!!!!!!!!Mu Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!! =P

  12. bearsfan23 Says:

    my favorite was the budwiser wear the dog was trainnig the horse

  13. I say that the baby and the stock trading was the best commercial. Go New york Giants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jessica Salottolo Says:

    My favorite commercial was when the guy was talking to a man and his stain started moving and talking, it was so funny. I also liked when shaq was riding the horse and the horse was struggling to finish but he ended up winning…. They were so funny!!!!!! yay new york won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. my fav commercial was for sobe life water. a lizard drinks some, and then gets all his buddies to dance thriller w/ him. funny stuff

  16. My favorite commercial was the Diet Pepsi Max one with everyone bobbing their heads like in Night at the Roxbury. It was so funny!

  17. cweinrich Says:

    Although many of you make some good points, I liked the Planters Peanut commercial. But, the night at the Roxbury Diet Pepsi commercial, it was very good too. Especially Joe Buck, bobbing his head. Did you notice Chris Kattan at the end in the cleaners?

  18. Justin Tidwell Says:

    I like the insurance commercial with the baby.

  19. Riley Boulger Says:

    ya, it took some explaining by my uncle, but i totaly got that guy from the skit was in the comercial… Funnay!!!

  20. My Favorite commercial was the Life Water commercial with the Lizards dancing to Thriller. I did not like the ?Energy Drink? commercial that the guy that charged hte ladies battery while he was dancng. EWWW!!!

  21. my favorite comercial was the sobe life water comercial when the lizard drinks the sobe life water and they all sing thriller with them! It was really funny! I also liked the one when the pigeons were dropping packages on the street! That was funny too!

  22. Ashley Abel Says:

    My favorite commercial was the brigestone tires one where all the animals were screaming. It was so funny!

  23. I liked the Pepsi one with justin Timberlake it was so funny how he kept raming into things loved it!!!!!

  24. AZNBaller Says:

    There were many funny commercials. One of my favorites was the Justin Timberlake one, where he kept on running into everything like the mailbox. Also, i liked the bear commercial, It gives you the ability o breathe fire. The Cat. I also liked the other bear commercial with the horse and the dalmation. That was pretty great!!! The Life water commercial was just akwerd.

  25. black berry Says:

    I liked the the audi one when the guy wakes up and finds oil on his hands then he finds the front grill of his car. It made an allusion to the Godfather and that’s one of the funniest scenes in the movie.

  26. the pepsi max because it was really funny love the fake hair guy

  27. i reeeeaaaaalllly liked the planters peanut commercial where the ugly lady with the unibrow and stuff and all the boys loved her cuz she smelled like peanuts!!!!! hahahahahaha! and i liked the one where the guy blew the candles on during his romantic dinner, and then he’s all like, do you have a cat? and then he sneezes fire everywhere!!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!

  28. Dear Mr. Weinrich,
    My favorite commercial was the Cadillac commercial that was going off the Godfather movie. That was really funny! It was a really cool car too!
    Thanks, Kathleen

  29. Cheergirl101 Says:

    I liked the dancing lizards. They were funny. Good dancers too.

  30. basketball_girl Says:

    my favorite was the lizards dancing to thriller
    i thought that it was really funny

  31. basketball_girl Says:

    ps this is Cassie J

  32. Dear Mr. Weinrich,
    I think my favorite commercial was the one with the screaming animals. I like it because I thought that it was cool how they showed how good the car was at clean, sharp turns really fast in a funny way. OK, fine it wasn’t HILARIOUS but I mean come on! I love animals! What can I say!
    I also like the commercial with the pigeons for FedEx (was it FedEx?). I liked it because I like pigeons! 😀
    Dannika (I will next be appearing as “roxyprincess”!)

  33. My Favorite was the pepsi commercial when they are pulling justin timberlake around until he gets to a certain stop funny

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