Presidential Primary Discussion

What is the most important topic that should be addressed and discussed by the Presidential candidates and why?


22 Responses to “Presidential Primary Discussion”

  1. I think the most important topic that should be addressed and discussed is two things: 1. What they plan on doing about the war & 2. What they plan on doing about the economy.

    I think they should address and discuss what they plan on doing about the war, because many people are anti-war, and many people are pro-war, and we need to know if we’re going to be in danger by taking our soldiers back and taking the risk of the Iraque terrorists coming back, or if we’re going to keep on fighting like most of us know us the righter and safer way to go.

    I think they should address and discuss what they plan on doing about the economy because as you all know, we are in and entering a panic. Right now, the government is enforcing economic stability, but what if the president we elect wants to change that? We have to know what’s going on in their heads as far as that’s concerned, or, even though it’s almost impossible, we could enter a depression.


  2. cweinrich Says:

    Please keep your comments to 1 topic. What is the most important, for instance is the War in Iraq more important or the economy? Which should be number one on the next President’s agenda?

  3. AZNBaller Says:

    I agree with kelsey j about the Iraqi war. I want to know what they will do about it. will they make it better than it is or worse? i would want to know. we need to know about terrorists and the soldiers. what if we have to send all of the soldiers that have gone back to their families back to iraq to fight all over again? that would be horrible. if anything, I would want more soldiers to come back to The U.S., and if not, all of them. I want the new president to take control over the war so Iraq would be able to take care of themseleves and all of the suicide bombers there would stop destroying iraq. Hopefully, this war will come to an end soon!!!


  4. Riley Boulger Says:

    I think the most important topic is also the war (not to sound like a broken record). i think this is the most important because it is hard on a lot of families having their relatives away, and it is hard when the relatives have to stay longer, or they dont come back.

  5. Cassidy B. Says:

    I think the most important topic is the war in Iraq because it effects are economy and I think that the presidential candidates should discuss it because they need to talk about what they are going to do with the troops in Iraq.

  6. Michael Busslinger Says:

    I think the most important topic to be discussed about is the illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border into the US. the population of USA will grow to be to huge a number that people will go hungry really fast and no one will have a place to live. Soon enough, there will be no place for us to walk around in….the US will just become too crowded and is turning into a disaster.

  7. Hayden O'Leary Says:

    I think the most important topic that should be discussed is the illegal immigrants. By the time I graduate from college they will make up more than 30% of America’s population. Thats just my guess. they should put more protection on the Borders.

  8. I thnik that the biggest topic topic to adress is the Mexican Border. Many people that we shoulld build a wall or get hhe illegals out of America. We

  9. I think that the most important topic to be discussed is the illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border and coming here. They will soon over populate The USA and we could go out of control with all these people. There will be no space left. What Michael said about the 30% thing is true! That is a big number and it will keep growing!! they should put more protection across the border to try to keep as much of the immigrants out. That what i think.

  10. Sorry! I mean Hayden about the 30% thing!

  11. I also think that illegal immigration is something that needs to be fixed, but in a bit of a different way. I don’t think that putting more security at our borders is the answer. If anything, it’s just going to cause more problems because people will get hurt. Instead of saying, “What are YOU doing in MY country?” and being all snobby about it, why don’t we step back and think about how we could solve this problem. Maybe if we helped make Mexico a better place to live, the people would stay there. If they had more job oppurtunities and better places to live, they wouldn’t have to come to America to get what they need. They’d have it in their own country. That way, we can help someone else who needs it, instead of sitting back like cranky old southern men, yelling at people to get off our property.

  12. This is not in any order

    1. illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border and coming into the U.S.
    2. the war in iraq
    3. the economy

  13. Taylor M. Says:

    I also believe that the number one thing that should be discussed i9s the illegal immagrants crossing the border of Mexico. Our population in America has grown so much in this year that soon America is going to be overly crowded. We will be even worse in debt, hunger, and also thirst. Other things that could happen is the increase in taxes and all kinds of things that we buy today. A way that we could stop peole in Mexico from coming to America is by helping them out before we really help ourselves. Like to put others before our selves. I agree with everybody about that the population is growing extremely fast!!!!!!!

  14. The one most important topic i chose is the war in Iraq. This war is not only killing many men, women, and children in Iraq, it’s also killing soldiers that are willing to fight for our Country and our freedom.This is costing the United States of America millions of dollars a day. I’m not so sure we should just pull our troups out of Iraq, but it’s clear to me that we need a plan to start getting our troups out of Iraq and to help the Iraqi people become more indepentdent as fast a possible!! Although I chose the Iraqi war as the one most important topic, the war has a major effect on the economy in the United States.

    -Kaitlynn 🙂

  15. Hannah asked what do I think, well, I did not see the Democratic Debate…yet. I plan on watching it. I like to watch debates after the commentary to see if what the so call experts think and hear is what I hear. Sometimes the media causes people to not think for themselves. Sometimes things can be clouded. Do I think Senator Clinton is mean, in some ways yes. Do I think she is going to do all she can to give an image that she is not mean, YES! If you get a chance to actually sit down and watch a debate, listen to the candidates closely. The first question you ask yourself when you listen is, did they answer the question that was asked? Sometimes the side track themselves, like I do in class often, but they do it to get other points and jabs in. Sometimes they never answer the question. February 5th is a very interesting day. I will vote, but for now, I do not know who for. However, you all have some interesting comments. Did not think I would see anything about Illegal Immigration. Very well done! Remember One topic and one topic only, what to you is most important. I choose, the economy #1. We need to get our country back on track and prospering.

  16. I think economy is really important. We need to focu on that 1st. I also think the crossing \from mexico it important.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. hannah tardie Says:

    okay i say three things cuz i can never make up my mind.
    1) the war. someone needs to take action!
    2) economy, mainly helping out poorer countries (africa) okay, they will never discuss this, becuz no one cares, but i care so there!
    3) global warming. ok, i know its a myth, but i think its important becuz people are actually realizing that they’re wasting our fossil fuels. plus, we need more fuel-efficient cars and do something about china and they’re random industrial-ness and wasting-ness. (ok, that didnt make sense but whatever!)

  18. hannah tardie Says:

    oops! i didnt read the 1 topic thingie till now. sorry! i think we need to discuss the envrinment and how we can help it and stop wasting all the resources God supplied the Earth (and us) with. call me a tree hugger, see if i care. lol

  19. i agree w/ people that we need 2 do something about how we handle illegal immigrants. but not like they think. honestly, we’re being totally mean & inconsideate by pushing people out of our country into a terrible lifestyle simply because they don’t have enough money to pay for citizenship. we’re being really selfish by only thinking of how more people will affect us. we really need to think about these people & their families & how they’re just like us. how would we feel? i think they should be allowed to come in to america & supply their families w/ better lives.

  20. I think the most important topic is illegal immigration because it is very scary to think that people are coming into our country that we don’t know who they are and why they are coming here. There could be terrorists coming into our country that plan to do us harm.

  21. Daisylove Says:

    Dear Mr. Weinrich,
    There are many things that are very important and need to be discussed. People need to understand where the candidates stand on the topics that the voters feel mean the most and are the most important. I personally believe that the most important topic is the war. I think that all of the other topics are very important but the candidate’s views on the war will change our lives the most (compared to the other topics.) I think that there are obviously (as stated before) many important topics, such as civil rights, the economy, immigration, the death penalty (and other criminal affairs) and so on. But I guess that’s to be discussed in class…

  22. Kathleen Says:

    Sorry, forgot to put my name above…

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