Presidential Primaries

As we get back into the swing of things, I would like you to take some time and get to know the Presidential candidates. 2008 marks a memorable election, or potentially historic. Could this be the year of the first female President, or African American President? Will the Republicans win the Presidential election? Please comment on the upcoming primary elections in the US and if you could vote, who would you vote for and why?


33 Responses to “Presidential Primaries”

  1. ok, this is very sexist, and im being very hipocritical here, but if i could vote for a president it would be Hilary Clinton. Ok, the only thing i know about her is that shes been in the White House before (as a first lady), but i mainly want a female running our country! : )

  2. I would vote for Mike Huckabee because he is a good christian and used to be a minister. He also has alot of experience as a governer of Arkansas for many years.

  3. I totally agree with Hannah! I want Hilary Clinton to win as president because of duhh….. she is a woman. we have not had a female pres so it will be different.

  4. cweinrich Says:

    So, what I am hearing from the first two comments is, it does not matter what the candidate is for or against, as long as it is a woman they would get your vote? Wow!

  5. i think that juliani should be prez because he is a guy and he is italian.

  6. ScrLvr123 Says:

    ok.. i would choose Barack Obama because he is a very talented guy in speaking and has some very good ideas as in being a president.

  7. ok first i thought she was a good person but now i think she is bad and i wouldn’t vote for her anymore! Hannah is on her own now. lol jk

  8. Riley Boulger Says:

    I dont know who I would vote for, but I would definately do some reasearch before I voted for somebody just becuase I like something about them (especially if it doesn’t even have to do with what kind of a pres. they are).

  9. I would vote for Huckabee or whatever his name is because I have seen some of his speeches and I agree with most of what he is saying. He seems to be nice, and he was a governor so he must have some experience with being in charge. Bye Mr. W! 🙂

    Kara 🙂 🙂

  10. I think I would vote for Mike Huckabee because he is a good person and leader!!! I would not choose Barack Obama because his wife is a muslim( don’t meen to judge) and definatly not Hilary Clinton because of so many reasons. But I am still learnign about the canidates!!!!

  11. I think I would vote for Mike Huckabee too, because he is a cool person and will be good at running our country. I would not choose Hilary Clinton because she has done many things wrong, well thats all I know so far…

  12. Ok, so I don’t know that much about the elections right now, but from what I’ve researched, John McCain seems like someone I’d vote for. Although he may be a tad bit old, (you become wiser with age 😉 ) he seems like a well-rounded guy. He’s had a lot of experience with the government and the military and I think that would help him. I don’t know too much about this yet, but I’m getting there.

  13. Taylor K. Says:

    i think that their will not be any 1st’s this year. I would definitly pick John Mccain because he seems like a very smart man, and because he is a Republican. I would not vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a very mean person!

    Bye! 🙂

  14. First of all, I would like to start off my post by saying, in my personal opinion, this year’s election is a disaster. I am very thankful this year that I am still too young to vote because I don’t personally know where I’d place my vote.

    I’ll start my reasoning off with Hillary Clinton. WOW! There’s so much to say. First of all, I’m all for women but as a president in this hard time that we are in, a woman is not right for presidency. I don’t think that a woman can handle the high demands and decisions that is required for presidency. I also think that, from her choices in her personal life, she is not a good decision maker. I also think that, in many other countries, people do not think of women as any sort of leader. I think that they would not take us, as a country, seriously because of her. I’ve also heard many times that she does not interract with society well and when asked to help many associations in need, has turned her back and not looked back.

    I’ll go onto Barack Obama. First of all, from what I’ve heard from many sources, he’s not a very smart person at all. I think that a president should be a very smart person because they have to run our country. I can’t say if I’m for everything he is for yet because he has changed his positions many times. Also, I think that most of society that is saying that they’re voting for him are saying that because Oprah or some other celebrity is campaigning for him. Although I respect Oprah’s views, we all know why she’s campaigning for him and, in all honesty, you can’t blame her. It’s the same reason why the first two bloggers said they were voting for Hillary Clinton and for some people that’s all they’ll ever know about the canditate.

    Going on to Julianni. I have to say that I like the way he stepped up to the plate for 911. But, what has he done since then. I’ve heard many times that he doesn’t even make his own decision in the office. He can’t even make good decisions in his person life. If you can’t even run your family correctly and be honest to your loved ones, how can you run a country and be honest to them?

    Going on to Romney. All I have to say is that I would never vote for someone that won’t even put his own hand on the Bible and swear an owth to his country. The fact that he’s not Christian and about 89% of our country is, I would never trust his decisions and positions as our president.

    Moving on to Huckabee. First of all, there has been a lot of scandals going on with him. I could never feel safe after he pressured the parole board to release a convicted murderer and rapist from prison. He also was a part of the “open boarders” policy which is very alarming to me. There are too many scandals for me to even list. This man, in my opinion is just a crook.

    Now to John McCain. There are many things to discuss about him but there is one thing in particular about him that is not a characteristic that I want in a president. Now this should not be taken in the wrong meaning but I really don’t want my president to be 71 years old. I mean, he would make presidential history just for his age. He’s just too old and probably too “tired” to make the decisions required to be made right now in this hard time for our country.

    Lastly on my list is Edwards. To tell you the truth, since summer I have researched almost every candidate and have have been watching the news daily and I have yet to find out any substantial information on him at all. I don’t know enough about him to form a good opinion.

    I hope this was worth reading and gave good reasoning behind the thoughts! Thank you, Kathleen

  15. I want Juliani to win because I like what he did in new york.

  16. Michael Busslinger Says:

    OBAMA! OBAMA!!!! GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😉 🙂 😉
    i want Obama to win and be our prez. GO OBAMA!!!!! 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂

  17. Michael Busslinger Says:

    🙂 😉

  18. Michael Busslinger Says:

    Hillary Clinton is a little out there………..If she was sain, then i would vote for her. But other wise, OBAMA ALL THE WAY!!! 😛 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. I would vote for Mike Huckabee because he has a lot to do for our country and a lot of great ideas he is a great guy and watching him in the debates i thought he was a strong speacker! 😛 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂

  20. laurin green Says:

    wow kathleen wrote alot

  21. blonde chica Says:


  22. I feel that this election will be a very exciting one for the history of America. Could we elect the first African-American or the first woman to be our President? I come from a conservative family, but I don’t how they feel about the candidates yet. I think they are trying to figure it out too! We need to handle the war and take care of that. Still need to research a little more and too early to tell.
    Brett S.

  23. bored right now so just saying hi then going to study for history lol :

  24. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. Not Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY would I vote for her, she is rude and impolite. : ) 🙂 = ) =)

  26. um i really dont know how to follow up and say something after reading kathleens ESSAY!!! but yes i know i will not vote for obama because as a teenager, he was raised and put through an iraqui training camp……skecthy….also would you all like to know his middle name……osauma!!! so we have osauma binlaudin who bombs us, and saudom obama who wants to be our president. also ever notice that he doesnt wear an american flag pin on his attire, ya guess what, hes not into that stuff!! and he will not say the pledge of aligence….. sorry my spelling is probably all wrong on the names….(thanks to tom clearly a soldier in iraq who gave me all my info =]] ) and i will not vote for hillary clinton, well because come on shes a WOMEN!!! what if she gets a little “hormonal” and makes irrational decisions!!?? so this is a hard decision

  27. AZNBaller Says:

    well just not Hillary Clinton.

    But Obama seems pretty eligible. he is kind to the people (unlike Hillary).
    He has some clever Ideas (unlike Hillary). and he is very smart ( unlike Hillary)

    I think i made my point

  28. I think I would want John Mccain because he is a republican. He is also a war veteran. I also thought that he was a great speaker!!! I know he is older, but he is very smart and experienced!!! 🙂

  29. Wow I’ve never seen a comment as big as Kathleen’s…:D
    anyway, I agree. None of the presidents are that good AT ALL. Really, and McCain (is that how you spell it?) is too old and too democratic to be republican. Hilary Clinton has no backbone. Obama is not smart, and also, how can anyone feel comfy having an a president from the middle east? I’m not being racist, but I just don’t understand how America is enemies with the middle east, yet they elect the president from the middle east? What’s that about? And I totally agree with Tara S. when I say that, um, he went to an Iraqui training camp, and he is WAY too young to run. I just wish we had someone running that is actually great for the job…:(

  30. My first choice would be Huckabee because he is a good Christian man and it seems he really cares for America!

    My second choice would be John McCain becuase he seems very caring for our country as well, and, in opposition to Kathleen’s slam on him, I think that if he were too old and tired to take care of our country, he would be too old and tired to even attempt to RUN for president! I think that the campaigns are very stressful (less stressful than being the president, but still,) in themselves, so I think it’s amazing that he’s even taking time to run! I think he’d lead our nation very smoothly.


  31. AZNBaller Says:

    Well as i was eating dinner, i was listening to the speaches that John Mccain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani said after the votes. While i listened, i was thinking to myself, Mitt Romney seams very kind to the people, and his ideas were very good. He isn’t selfish and he really didn’t care he got in second in the Florida votes. But even thought he lost he said he will just keep on going. Giuliani was very kind and he does have good ideas. i was very impressed. John mccain was seemed very eligible though. I might (probably will) vote for him. In fact, i thought he was very kind. i thought about how he might be president and i thought, hey, he could be president. i think he will be very good is president. he would be very good as president. i would be very happy for him to be our president.
    (I haven’t changed my mind about Hillary Clinton)!!!


  32. hey mr weinrich,

    i was forced to watch some of the ‘debate’ between barack and clinton, and i was wondering if your opinion on hilary clinton has changed yet. shes not a mean person like u think. why dont u like her? 😉

  33. I think I changed my mind. I listened to John McCain speak and I think some things that he believes in are a little to liberal for me even though he is a republican. Now I think Mitt Romney would make a good president because even though he isn’t a christian, he is strong and I think he is a better speaker than McCain.

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