Jesse James- 8th grade only


Here is the other option. Comment on Jesse James. Did he deserve to die for his crimes the way he did? Was he a criminal? Did he have a legitimate reason for stealing?


31 Responses to “Jesse James- 8th grade only”

  1. Taylor Augustin Says:

    He did deserve to die, but I don’t think he should have died that way. I think he should have spent life in prison, or he should have gotten the death penalty. Surely someone could have turned him. (with alot of help) The way I see it, Jesse James was the biggest criminal around. He killed so many innocent people who did not deserve to die. For example, the bank robery at Galletin, Mo. He shot and killed the cashier at the Davis County Savings bank, John W. Streets. He killed him because he thought he was the reason of his brothers death. I do not think he had a legitimate reason for stealing because he had enough money, his father could have helped him, he could have gotten a good job, but instead he went down the wrong road.

  2. Jesse james definatley deserved to die the way that he did. He killed so many people, why shouldnt he get his life taken away the same way he took away other peoples? He was obviously a criminal too because he took money that wasnt his. I think that definatley makes him a criminal. the money he took, ruined many peoples lives. He most definatley did not have a legitimate reason for stealing. Even though he had a rough life by his dad dying when he was three, and his mom remmarrying, and him getting shot. Everything, no matter how bad your life is, you shouldnt go around and ruining other peoples. thats exactly what jesse james did. He ruined lives. in conclusion, Jesse james was an unfair, unjust, criminal, and horrible man!

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  3. Jesse James claimed he was stealing to get back the dead of his land. I think he had a good ‘eason to steal. I think he could have tooken it a different way. I don’t think he deserved to die for what he did. He was a criminal though.

  4. the end of the Civil War left Missouri in shambles. The Union Republicans took control of the state government keeping the Democrats from voting or holding public office. Jesse James was shot by Union militia when he was surrender in Lexington Missouri a few months after the wars end leaving him badly wounded. His first cousin, Zerelda Zee Mimms helped him to get back to health, and he started a nine-year courtship with her. She eventually became his wife. that is how she became to be his wife

  5. I think that he did deserve to die the way that he did. He was a bigtime criminal. He had no reason for stealing. He did it all just for money. He didn’t care about anything but himself and money.

  6. wow Jesse James is really interesting. he stole way to much money to be alright. he was a crimanal in my eyes. especially the way he killed all those people, thats just sick. he had a reason the first couple times but then it got out of control. his story sounds pretty cool though it has way to much killing.

  7. I think that Jesse James did deserve to die because his gang including him killed 20 people and they robbed over $150,000 easily. I don’t think that he deserved to die the way he did though. He should have been broughten in by his friend rather than shot in the head while hanging a picture frame. He was definately a criminal for not only robbing but killing people too. He didn’t have a legitimate reason for stealing, but a editor thought him to be an opposer of the reconstruction process since he said he mistaked the cashier for Samuel P. Cox, the militia officer who killed “Bloody Bill” Anderson during the Civil War.

  8. roxyprincess Says:

    Okay, this is what I think. He stole LOTS of money, and LOTS of stuff to begin with. What I’m thinking is that maybe the reason is the way he was raised, or maybe he was poor. I kind of think he deserved to be shot, because if he wasn’t killed, he would have just kept stealing. So, yeah, I think (personally) that he was a criminal.

  9. I thinke he deserved to die the way he did. I believe that because he was a robber and a murderer. I think he was a criminal because he robbed lots of banks and trains to get money and when he robbed people he would usually kill some people. I don’t think he had a legitimate reason because he didn’t need the money that bad. But his reason might have been to be rich or get lots of money.

  10. No, I don’t think he should have died like that, but that’s how they did it in those days! These days, they’d take you to jail and have a trial. They should have locked him in a dungeon and let him suffer.

    Yes- he was a big time criminal! He hurt many people and took so much from them. He was a dangerous and violent man. Could you imagine being on a stagecoach and have that happen to you?

    No, I don’t think his stealing was right or legit! He was a bad person and should not have done that.

    ~Brett S.~

  11. targetluver76 Says:

    I think that Jesse James was a real criminal and had no reason to steal money from people who earned their money, if he really wanted some money, he should have worked for it, not killed innocent people for it. But i do no think that he should have died the way he did, yes he should have died, for sure, but he should have been like, put in jail and then like executed or something, but definatly not killed by one of his friends because that is just mean and it really was just because of jealousy which makes it even worse. so yeah, thats all, see you later alligatory

    ~shannon =D

  12. Either way Jesse made his own decisions and was going to get caught sometime or even killed so I think he should have done what he wanted. I mean if you want to rob a bank rob it, just prepare for the worst. It was bad timing for Jesse when he got shot in the back of the head. And no I’m not saying that I think robbing a bank is a good thing. xP

    -Matt R.

  13. I don’t think that Jesse deserved to die the way he did. Bob Ford should not have killed him just for the reward. I know he turned himself in after, and felt bad, but I still don’t think he should have killed him. I think that Jesse should have served a long long long time in jail, probably a life sentence, because he committed soo much crime. I mean, just because he wanted to get back the deed to his land doesn’t mean he should have robbed so many banks!!!!!!!!! I don’t think that was legit. If he wanted his land back, he should have worked for the money to buy it back or something. And yes, I think he was criminal, and a downright bad guy!

    See ya later! Ciao Bella!


  14. I think that the murder of Jesse James was not right because he did not realy do anything wrong. He robbed banks but that was becuasw hw was doing it for his country. He killed to survive when people shot back at him. He was also killed by his best freiend like years after he stopped and settled down. That is why i think that it was not right

  15. I definitely think that Jesse James was a very bad man. I don’t think that he had any right to do any of the bad things that he did. He stole so much money from so many people. Not to mention how many people he killed. He even KILLED his 15 year old son! Who does that??? I think its so well deserved that he was killed just like so many others that he killed. I do think that he should have been raised better though because obviously he was not raised right! I wish that he wouldn’t have killed so many people though because he probably wouldn’t have been killed if he hadn’t killed all those people because he was probably only killed for the MOOLA!!! I still can’t believe that the murderer wasn’t prosecuted though, but then again, he wasn’t either. What goes around comes around. Kathleen

  16. i think that jesse James deserved to die because he was a real bad person, a criminal. I also think he deserved to die in the way that he died. He stole money from inocent people that got all their money from working hard and all he doeas is steal it from them what kind of person would do that. So i think he deserves the name robber because he did all of that and also stole from banks!!! NOT GOOD!!! And i also think that he deserves the name murderer because he killed the inocent people he took the money from and that is just plain rude and very mean!!! So why did he steal all they money from the poeple just to get rich or like have alot of money:That is not a good reason at all!!!!!!


  17. I think Jessie James derserved to die the way he did. The reason i think that is because he didnt have any right to go and rob banks or rob trains and then kill the person he robbed from. All he wanted was money but money isnt everything but to Jessie it seems like money ment everything. I agree with shannon that he should not have been killed by his own friend but he should have been hung or put in jail.
    Yes, Jessie James was a big time crimmal. He didnt have any right to kill people or steal from anyone
    No, i dont think he had a legitimate reason for stealing. He might have been poor but he could have gotten a job other then stealing from the people who work hard to make the money he stole.

  18. Darth Nader Says:

    Yes i think he deserved to die because he robbed and killed so many people. I think instead of just shooting him in the back of the head without him knowing, he should of said some clever catch fraze or something. Thats just what i would of done. He got what he deserved by dieing. Yes he was a criminal, he stole a lot of monnney, and killed many innocent people along with it. Like a dad and his son, whats up with that, he’s sick. Yea i guess he needed the money, but if you need money just go and work for it. There is never a good reason for stealing, unless ypur stealing something back thats yours. Thats what i think. Oh and he married his cousin, again he’s sick.

  19. I think jesse james died the way he should not knowing what was happening just like he did to the people he killed. I see him as a criminal because he took money that was not his and he killed 27 people. He had no right to steal money if he wanted money he could work for it. He is a meany!!

    -kayla a

  20. i think he was a criminal because he killed 27 people. I think it was good that he got shot because sooner or later he would get caught. I think it was bad that he was steeling because it was not his stuff or money. I think he was a bad person but is steel one of the most famous thieve ever. over all even though he was a bad person he was still interesting to learn about.

  21. softball 1 Says:

    jessie james was obviously a bad person all the partners he lost and his own life he deserved. he took things that wernt his including money and other people lives he deserved to go to jail for a longo time but instead he got shot i thoguht it was intresting that he worked with other people like his brothers that he wasent more greedy wanting all the money but i guess he didnt mind sharing the glory and the money jesse james was proboly one of the better crimnals that we have known


  22. Basketball_girl Says:

    i think he was a criminal. i dont thingk he should have stolen peoples money just because he wanted it. if he wanted it so badly why didnt he just work for it. Yes he deserved to die the way he did. i think he killed tomany people and deserved to be put in jail. i don’t think he had a legitimate reason because stealing is NOT right!


  23. Jesse James definetly deserved to die like that, he deserved to die anyway you can kill him. Yes, i totally think that Jesse James is definetly a criminal, he stole over $284,000 and killed a lot of people, including his own gang. He was really mest up. I do not think he had a reason for stealing, he had a reason for stealing his deed back but definetly not all the money he stole. I think he was a great criminal though, he was one of the smartest atleast.

  24. I think that since Jesse James killed so many people and robbed so many banks that he did deserve to die the way he did. Although it was pretty harsh to come in and just shoot point blank at Jesse, Frank should have turned him in or something else. I defidently consider James a criminal because lets face it he and his gang killed 27 people and robbed 25 different places. He did not have a good reason at all for stealing. He was just another one of those people that couldn’t make something of their lives and decided to just kill and rob to get money instead of working for it.

  25. I think that he totally deserved to die for killing 27 people and robbing 26 banks. I do consider him a criminal because of the 27 killings and 26 bank robbings. Jesse James said the reasoning for his robbings was to get back the deed to his land so i do think he had a some what legitiment reason to steal but not really. So I think he did not have a legitiment reason for stealing. He should have worked for the money instead of stealing banks and killing people.

  26. I think that Jesse James deserved to die because of all of the people that he killed. They didnt know that they were going to die, well he didnt either. I think that he was also a criminal because he stole all of the those banks and stagecoaches. He and his gang also killed 27 people. He also, i think, didnt have a good enough reason for stealing what he did. He didnt have to rob or steal any of those people, he should have known that you can work to get money and to have a life. I think that he is a totally criminal and he defenentlly derseved to die. He had to pay for all the people that he and his ganged killed and all of the money that he robbed.

  27. I think Jesse James was a major problem in the old west. He was a mass murderer and a bank robber. He was getting away with those things too… Someone had to kill him. I also think the part where he married his cousin was a little creepy. Anyways, Jesse James deserved to at least be put away for life, or killed, which he was. I think he did deserve to die in that way, and he was a huge criminal. He also did not have a good reason to steal. I liked the power point though!

  28. no, i think that Jesse James being killed was wrong. frank really shouldve turned him in instead of shooting him. even though he killed and robbed 52 people together, the right thing to do wouldve been to just turn him in. i still do believe he was a criminal that deserved death, but not like that. i think that Jesse James really shouldve been sent thru the legal system and them given life in jail or death sentence. Also he needed to chose some better friends not ones that shoot you in the back of the head.=-D

  29. I think Jesse James deserved to die because of all the terrible things that he did. He was a criminal stole, robbed people and i’m sure he could have just gotten the money in a safer legal way. I mean who kills 27 people! Including his brother. I don’t like my brother but I wouldn’t kill him.

  30. Jesse James is a very desperate person for all of the bnks that he robbed. but i admire him for his…… i dunno, he doesnt really deserve to be admired. but he did have a lot of confidence, i’ll give him that.


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