Wild Bill Hickock-8th grade only

Well 8th graders.  We had some information on Wild Bill, now read a little more.  Also, investigate this more.  Find out more about him.  I would like you to comment on whether Wild Bill was a law abiding citizen or a man of crime.  Did he deserve to die the way he did?

Wild Bill Hickock Powerpoint


10 Responses to “Wild Bill Hickock-8th grade only”

  1. No, he was not a criminal, back then that was just normal. I think that killing all those people and wearing a suit to church is just to much. I alsso think that when he was playing poker, holding the “dead man’s hand” was a little creepy. All toghether I think that he was a killer, but back then not a really bad person.

  2. Katie Dixon Says:

    I don’t personally agree with Wild Bill Hickock. He didn’t sound like a great person. Especially becuase when he was hired for such a great job, he took advantage of it and got drunk and preformed very bad. I also don’t like how he made up lies and exagerated the truth to everybody.
    According to Wikepedia, it says that Hickcock was famous for his skills as a gunfighter, a scout, and his reputation as a lawman. I don’t agree with this. I think he was mainly famous for talking about these things. Whether he did all of the things he said he did, I don’t know.


  3. Hi Mr. Weinrich,

    I do think that he was law abiding because he was a official and he protected towns from outlaws. But on the other hand, I don’t think that he was law abiding because he drank and he killed numerous amounts of people. I think that the way he died was injustice. I think that because even though he may have killed “McCall’s” brother, “McCall” wasn’t positive about the death of his brother. So in conclusion, I think that Wild Bill is a inspiration to American History.

  4. Sahil Gala Says:

    I think Wild Bill Hickock did all of the things he did becasue his parents miss treated him. He was deprived in the childhood stage and he took his anger or let his mind speak during that time when he got in fights or killed some one. That was his was of retaliating because he was so deprived and miss treated. And his real name was “James Butler Hickhock”

  5. Sahil Gala Says:

    I think he did all of the things he did becasue he was miss treated as a child. His parents made him where a stiff suit to church. Plus he was so deprived he showed his fellings when he grew up. That is the way his mind spoke when ever he would kill or hurt somebody.
    His real name was “James Butler Hickock”. He got his legendary name “Wild Bill Hickock” by doing many facinating things. Like wrestling a bear, and doing specatular things with guns and his own hands. And he was killed in a bar when he didn’t get the side he wanted to sit on so his back was against the door and one of his enemies shot him in the head.

  6. Yes and no because he was drunk all the time during his shows and every where how could he obey the law. Did he have the right to kill the three people just because they made fun of his nose…no. His death well i feel he did deserve it if he killed as many people as he said he did. but his death is in some way a mystery wut was the reasoning. if he never really even had a brother than why did he do it. i believe he did it to get his name in the history books… and well he did. My favorite story about him would have to be the bear story man he had a lucky shot.

  7. he as in Mcall

  8. Adam Violette Says:

    I think that back then, he was abiding the law. If he was here now, he’d be breaking the law, however. I do think that his good luck with a gun did have to catch up with him, but to kill someone from behind while playing poker, that guy was either drunk, stupid, a coward, or all three. No one should die like that, especially with that good a hand.

  9. i think he was a bad person because he was a alcoholic whoo killed allot of people. i think mcalls brother shouldve killeed him because he was a jerk and wild bill killed lots of people. he deserved to die. someone had to kill him if the govt. wasnt going to.

  10. i think that he deserved to die because he killed alot of people and he killed them without notice and so did he. he couldhave not stollen money from people. he was a crimminal and he was just a bad person and thats why he is a bad person. and he was a bad drinker and why did he kill his brother i dont know ….mean mean mean. i dont think that he is an influance on people.

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