8th Grade Extra Credit

Extra Credi Here we go. 8th graders please email your answers to Mr. Weinrich. However, your answers will not be valid unless you comment on the level of difficulty, interest, and length of time it took you to email your answers. You may only participate once. Also, the first 3 people in each 8th grade class will be eligible for 10% on what ever they want.

Question 1- Name the exact date, location (city and state) of the First Observance of Thanksgiving, and what does the month and day have in common with Mr. Weinrich?

Question 2- Who was the first President to issue a Thanksgiving proclamation? When did he sign it (month, day, and year)? When was it to be observed?


19 Responses to “8th Grade Extra Credit”

  1. awesome person (hannah) Says:

    hi ppl!!!!!! why are there no comments???? ok, for the extra credit thing, Mr. Weinrich should for now put whoever leaves a comment gets Extra Credit until a lot of people leave comments. then, he should ask weekly historical questions and whoever emails him the answers gets a certain amount of Extra Credit. Or, he should have you turn it in to him at school, or post it in the comment section of his blog…

  2. Uuuuhhh…maybe you could give us some information and have us create a song or rap about it. Then make us perform it in class to earn the extra credit. (You could get more points the more creative and into it you are) Come on, Mr. Weinrich, it’s a chance for you to humiliate your students in front of their peers. And the best part is, they would willingly do it. How funny would that be?

    Please take this into consideration. I tried to think outside the box.


  3. you should take away your lowest test grade at the end of the quarter and add 10% to it. Or you can make your lowest homework grade a 100%.


  4. opps sorry wrong one!!!!

  5. I think a good extra credit option would be to be able to do extra credit is picking a historical landmark in Ourange county and Bringing in a picture of it and a brief summor. You could get a free assignment or 5% on a test

  6. Tarah Boustani Says:

    Hi Mr. Weinrich
    i think you should ask us to go to a place/like a museum and bring back a ticket as a sign of proof and when we do we get a free homework assignment, or 5% extra credit on a test

  7. Baskeball_Girl Says:

    you shoild have random history questions.(a diffrent question every week) =) then if someone gets it right they should get extra credit =) or free assignments and stuff like that =)

  8. Hey! 1st 8th grader to post! Yeeah! Okay, so I was thinking you could do like something cool, like you ask a question like “If you were president instead of Abraham Lincoln, what have you have done differntly?” or something like that! Cuz that would be super dee dooper amazingly awesome and cool! C U L8R Alligator! Ciao!

    Oh yeah,, it would be worth 5% on any assignment you want!!
    (or w/e mr. weinrich wants it to be!)

    Kelsey Jones….. out! haha! ok i’m done! C YA!

  9. hehehe yet aanother comment by me!!!!!!!!!!! :] im sure mr weinrich is happy about that!! (not really!) ok………… so… for EC mr W should have a contest of some sort with ppl putting a link (for a video or sometthing) on the comment page and whoever has the best one wins the EC

  10. Owisoh (that is my Indian name) (it means "one who is scared of hannah) Says:

    Hello 7th grade (and Mr. Weinrich),
    soooo…what are we gonna do for EC? a lot of these suggestions sound good. It’s so hard to choose (even though it’s not my decision)…
    -Owisoh (if you didn’t already know, that’s my Indian name. It means “one who is scared of Hannah”) πŸ™‚

  11. Kaitlynn o. Says:

    Hey Mr. Weinrich i agree with caitlyn on her idea that would be cool, but we could also contest where we do a keynote on one of the lessons we just learned and the top 5 people you thought put some thought & effort in the keynote gets the xtra credit.

  12. You should put trivia questions on your blog and the top 5 or 10 people should get an amount of extra credit points on a test. (Your Choice) And we should keep on playing the study game in class!! Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Mr. Weinrich,
    I think for extra credit you should weekly post different trivia questions about history and the first 10 people to answer them gets extra credit on a history test.
    1t- 10%
    2nd- 9%
    so on and so on.
    That would be really good and it would get us to look at your blog more often.
    I think that would be a good idea.

  14. Hi Mr. Weinrich, I agree with Caitlyn’s brilliant idea. I also have my own idea that you would list some ingredients from sushi rolls and we would have to guess what roll that is! It is a little strange but o well!

  15. i think you should give 10% extra credit on a test or a free assignment up to the first 5 students in each class not grade

  16. I think for extra credit you should ask a random question from information in the newspaper and if we get it right we could get a free assignment or 5% points on a test.


  17. Could we do extra credit if you print some facts about a place and we have to tell you the name of it? It could be from our geography states or anywhere?

    It might be fun.

  18. hannah tardie Says:

    u shouldnt be afraid of me lame owisoh…………….


  19. what?? what do you mean by length like lets say our computer was super slow and it took like 5 minutes to send and if we send something you read it in 5 minutes or it has to be 5 minutes worth in length, which i really dont know how you can accomplish that on a computer with typing……….anywho i just made lasagna and almost burnt it, but it was the kind that you have to take out of the freezer it had like “snow” on it pretty cool, ill have lexie try it to see if its good or not =] and what do you mean by knoweldge diffuctly do you want me to be smart? ok lets see…. 2+3=5 oooooo smarty pants…..ok can i have my e.c. now?=]

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